Welcome to the HLA Eplet Registry!

This registry aims to serve as the main database of theoretical and confirmed HLA eplets recognizable by B-Cell receptors. There are separate sections for the most commonly typed HLA loci: HLA -ABC, -DRB, -DQ, -DP and -MICA and Interlocus. Each section displays the following information about these HLA eplets:

  • 01 ID - numerical unique identifier of the eplet.
  • 02 Name - name of the eplet, unique within a specific HLA locus.
  • 03 Description - the amino acid that describe the eplet.
  • 04 Exposition - Levels of exposition of eplets according to Rene Duquesnoy et al.
  • 05 3D View - link to the pHLA3D tool for visualizing eplet exposition.
  • 06 Confirmation - link to antibody reactivity reports of confirmed eplets.
  • 07 Evidence - Levels of evidence of eplets according to Suzanne Bezstarosti et al. / Kramer et al.
  • 08 Str. Epitope - link to information about the eplet's structural epitope.
  • 09 Frequency - link to the Allele Frequency Net Database website for eplet frequencies.
  • 10 Luminex® Alleles - list of Luminex® HLA alleles that share the eplet.
  • 11 All Alleles - list of all (Luminex® or not) HLA alleles that share the eplet.

Each HLA eplet has its own row, and eplets are sorted according to their amino acid sequence positions. Each section has search options to identify repertoires of confirmed HLA eplets on selected alleles and eplets that are mismatched for a given HLA typing. For more detailed information about the HLA Eplet Registry, click here. Please, note that this website is designed for research purposes only. The contents of this website are not intended for making clinical decisions regarding donor selection or patient care.